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Anti-friction bearings with SKF lubrication advantages

Anti-friction bearings SKF widely used, there are many different types of bearings according to a particular purpose. However, there are two main types of SKF bearings: SKF roller bearings and SKF ball bearings, other types are evolved from the basic structure made of. SKF bearings are widely used reason is because there it has good lubricating properties, today we analyze it in this particular advantage. SKF bearing anti-friction lubricant has the following main features: sliding contacts lubricated with SKF bearing retainer between the other parts; any of the contacts between the lubrication race and not really rolling roll member; lubricating roller and roller SKF bearings in sliding contact between the guide member; lubricating SKF bearing all true rolling contacts. SKF bearing anti-friction lubricants have the following secondary functions: protect the highly delicate surfaces from corrosion; assist in the closure cap against foreign substances (grease has this feature); providing a thermal (cold) means.

SKF Bearing Motion Error

SKF bearings should be designed in a non-rotational degrees of freedom in any can withstand load. Total non-rotational degrees of freedom, and therefore the motion bearing error is defined as: In the five non-rotational degrees of freedom, on any non-rotational degrees of freedom, displacements bearing axis of rotation is called motion error. This includes any displacement and rotation about the bearing, but not including displacement due to temperature changes, or due to changes caused by the applied load. Motion error is represented by the displacement, and is ideal to characterize the deviation of the axis of rotation. Motion error is rotatable relative motion bearings for internal geometry of each surface caused by defects. These geometries may be defects inherent characteristics such as bearing parts are machined surface shape error during processing may also be defective bearing parts during assembly or installation produced.

Common replace skf bearings heating method

The most common method to replace the SKF Bearing in two ways: one is to use acetylene oxygen skf bearing direct heating; the other is for small bearings used in oil heating to achieve thermal expansion, the expansion of the inner diameter of the bearing for assembly. These methods have been widely used in the long-term maintenance of equipment, to meet and resolve the basic maintenance of equipment bearing assembly problems. But two methods to ensure the bearing temperature value whether the average heated area, it is difficult to determine the heating process. Since conventional oxygen acetylene gas burner heating are single, and heating process just empirically, is warmed SKF Bearing temperature was added to the appropriate number of degrees difficult to grasp. The temperature is too high, the bearings will anneal to reduce the mechanical properties of the bearing; temperature is too low, the thermal expansion value is not enough, difficult to assemble. In equipment repairs, repairman sometimes due to insufficient heating SKF bearings, SKF bearings mounted within a precise location, forced forced to take down the heavy equipment, thereby increasing the labor intensity. To this end, we hereby propose a change in the traditional bearings. 1. Electrically heated replace oxygen acetylene heating. The plane designed as a cylindrical electric furnace, named for SKF bearings electric heater, depending on the bearing diameter can be designed into different power and size of the bearing electrical heater (bearing diameter in the range of optimum combination φ300mm / above) ʱ?? This heating device has the following advantages: thermal radiation average, not chaos, is warmed SKF Bearing surface no dust, clean, clean, easy to measure and control the temperature of SKF bearings. 2. Using an infrared thermometer to be heated SKF Bearing surface temperature monitoring. Heating value of the bearing assembly is generally controlled at 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ appropriate. In this temperature, the maximum value of thermal expansion of steel bearings, SKF bearings facilitate assembly, this temperature value without changing the bearing of mechanical properties, and high reliability.

A common mistake skf bearing installation method

For roller SKF bearings cylindrical bore installation, many operators use "red jacket" (roasted heating) violations approach is very wrong. Broiled only difficult to control the temperature, the more important it is easy to change the SKF bearing material, resulting in "internal injuries", but SKF bearing inner ring local heating, stress concentration, easily deformed or even burst, shorten SKF bearing life. We recommend cooking oil heating method or heating method, to ensure uniform heating of SKF bearings to eliminate these ills. For a tapered bore SKF roller bearings, hydraulic adapter assembly should make SKF bearing inner force uniform, tight anyone can easily control the size, avoid hammering caused by a variety of injuries.

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